A last furtive broadcast

Oh, hello there, humans. Nice to see you. Unfortunately, I won’t see much of you this week; I’m traveling and dealing with responsibilities that don’t really involve writing. I might have time for a couple of pieces at USG — I’m plugging away at a Super TIME Force review right now — but that’s probably going to be about it.

In the meantime, here is old stuff I published last week that maybe you didn’t see yet?

I put together a Game Boy World video on Tetris. Also, words.

And, on a similar retro portable gaming theme, there was also this look back at the Bandai WonderSwan which ended up getting linked around far more than I would ever expect for an article about a 15-year-old gaming system that never came to the U.S. But this does happen from time to time; when you’re the only person who bothers to take the time to commemorate a historic milestone, sometimes you strike a chord. (Usually you’re just the voice shouting in the wilderness, though.)

And finally, I’ve hosted a new Retronauts. I made a drawing of Lum for the cover and spliced in a Yes song and none of the other podcast contributors could stop me. I’m drunk with power, is basically what I’m saying here.

And now I’m off to be quarantined… no, wait, I mean sequestered. Right.

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