Miscellanea for the evening

First, yesterday’s post was about buying games outside your comfort zone, per the request, but I realized after reading the comments thread that I took it too literally. Services like Steam (with its extreme sales), PlayStation Plus (with new free games – often very good games! – on a monthly basis), and Humble Bundles greatly reduce the barriers to entry and risks of diversifying your tastes and expanding horizons. I apologize for being so archaic.

Two, a new Anatomy of a Game project launched today: The Goonies and The Goonies II. Next week is Game Developers Conference, so personal web updates will be pretty sparse, but once I get back I’ll definitely knuckle down and explore the bizarre world beneath the Goondocks. Also, the first forum Anatomy has begun – a look at EarthBound by SilentSnake.

Finally, I reviewed Yoshi’s New Island yesterday. Today, I published a counterpoint to my own review. The second piece actually started as a blog post here on 2-Dimensions (hence the emphasis on 2D game design and its prospects) but it became large enough and… legit enough, I guess?… that I decided to relocate it and run it as a USgamer editorial. Be thrilled.

Anyway, it’s Friday night, so that means… I need to write a couple of columns for RETRO magazine. Meh, free time.

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